SolaX residential solar solutions.

SolaX Energy installs award winning SolaX Power products, giving your home power from the sun, day and night!
Solax Energy is a proudly South African partner of SolaX Power award winning integrated solar energy systems with over 1 million inverters installed globally.
SolaX Power Inverters are available in a wide voltage range to suit your requirements. Mppt controllers regulate power output, eliminate overcharge and power surges. SolaX Power high-efficiency photovoltaic power stations fully support high-efficiency high-power photovoltaic modules.
See the system at work.

The SolaX Cloud.

The user friendly SolaX Cloud makes energy management simple.

Monitor and control energy generation and consumption with ease from anywhere in the world
Manage and allocate power with smart loads, control heat pumps to cut electricity cost, improve grid stability and home intelligence.

Remote monitoring.

Your system at your fingertips.

Choose which items you power with solar in your home,
monitor your PV production and view your current yield.

  • Real time display

  • Functionality control

  • App or web portal

See SolaX Power in action

Restore Power. Reduce Cost.

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