Restored Power. 
Reduced Cost.

Other Packages Also Available.
Selected Solax packages include a free hot water solar system.
Includes required certifications.

Inverter 10 Years | Batteries 10 Years | Solar Panels 12 Years (30 Years Power Output) | Workmanship 3 Years | Free Service Plan 2 Years

Solax Energy has helped hundreds of residences and businesses in South Africa install solar solutions.

Why we are market leaders:

Award Winning Solax Power* Systems available in a wide voltage range.

Highest Efficiency Rating in its class.

Solax Finance Assist:  We are listed on all Major Banks portals, our accredited inhouse agent assists with financing.

Solax Energy Free 2 year Service Plan including 24 Hour local aftersales service. 

A company of firsts.

The first company to launch a Hybrid inverter system with Generation 4 and Generation 5 technology.

The first company to launch a High Voltage system for residential use, increasing transmission efficiency and reducing energy losses during conversion.

The first fully integrated manufacturers producing batteries, inverters and BMS under one roof.

Warranties and Awards:

10 Year System Warranty. 

3 Year Workmanship Warranty.

Global certifications including TUV and CE.

Awards include EuPD Top Inverter and Top Storage Brand.

What our clients say:

Smart and AI ready.

The SolaX system gives you the power to implement a smart energy management strategy for solar generation forecasting and consumption.

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